Welcome to Helverryn! This corner of the world is home to the adventurers of the yet unnamed travelling party.

Current Player Character:

Elden Garorni: The high-elf bard: Elden threw away a life of nobility, questioning the rule that his parents held he fled to the realm of Helverryn as a means to escape the life planned for him. He lands in Shoreton, but a misunderstanding would have him incarcerated for a near-century. Now released after many years paying his undeserved dues, he struggles to figure out how he fits into this land he has only experienced from behind iron. An evening of live elven music pulls his attention to a unsuspecting inn but the events that unfold may not be what he was expecting…

Grigor Markovnikov: The cunning human fighter. Once the heir to an illustrious labor company enforcing his fathers will with little concerns for the consequences of his brutish actions. One night Grigor is forced to flee the life he knew when assassins hired by his father come calling for his head. Grigor had no choice but to flee with his life and conflicted emotions at the apparent betrayal. Now wandering with no purpose he meets old victim of his wrath who, despite all expectations, seem to warm toward Grigor. Now he finds himself with allies who may be a path to the questions that plague him.

Kanithar Stormwind: The knowledgeable human wizard. Trained from a young age for his aptitude at the magical arts, Kanithar spent most of his life in the exclusive Arcane University. A disagreement with The Markovnikov family who sponsored his research caused him to lose his place of prestige, leaving him to drift in Helverryn in hopes to seek out knowledge that cannot be found with a nose stuck in a book. A chance encounter at one of Shoreton’s taverns finds him fleeing to Ol’Vek with a rather unlikely group of acquaintances.

Lander Hornraven: The subtle human rogue. Orphaned from a young age, Lander found his place in the world on the unlit streets and shrouded alleys. Earning his keep through non-violent, yet deceitful means. A personal struggle against the growing aggression of his criminal peers forces Lander to betray those he once called friends. Now he travels with a new party, one whose trust he hopes to earn.

Vaella Tiridae: The stalwart dark elf druid: Sold at a young age to an elven family, Vaella always tried to fit in. Situations arose which forced her from her troubled home life and set her off to see the world for her own. A chance meeting with a fellow drow provides some solace from the ever persistent stigma and abuse towards her kind. While Vaella might have settled for a quiet life keeping herself out of sight, fate would deal her a new hand, as she now finds herself entwined with those of kinder hearts.

The Beginning

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